Pugs or Porn

Just not sure which I prefer.  I always thought it would be the porn, but now I don’t know.  Guess we can figure that I’ll post some more porn pretty soon.

Yuh know, maybe it doesn’t have to be a choice between the two.  Maybe it’s possible to have both.

Now, in a live scene, it might be pretty hard to get into the “space” with a cute pug(s) running around.  That actually seems a bit too perverse for me.

A Cuckolding Experience?

So, This blog contains links to cuckolding and Female domination, and for me it is a fantasy, not a reality.

Still, I was reading some cuckolding blogs: http://cuckoldcouple.wordpress.com/ and http://cuckoldconfession.wordpress.com/2013/11/23/the-loneliness-of-the-long-distance-cuckold/#comments and these reminded me of a girlfriend from some time ago.  She was younger than me by a fair number of years and one of the sexiest women I have ever met – this sentiment was confirmed numerous times by people, both men and women, whom we met while together.  No, not everyone thought so, but a fair number.


We met on an old chat site and began IMing and chatting and emailing and finally meeting.  Exciting.  This was before Skype – a long time ago for most of you who might read this.  She drove me crazy when I would find her in a forum, chatting with other guys and obviously chatting with all of us at the same time – jealous to the max . . . and it made awfully hot, too.  I hated it.  I hated being so turned on by the jealousy.  And, I fought it.  And, I still continued to chat and meet and become a couple for several years.

After we became a couple, she continued to chat on line, on different forums, on the same forums that we had met on, on the same forums that everyone was using for online sex, and she had bought a webcam.  Oh hell, was she photogenic.  Oh my, how that cleavage played out over the webcam.

I would log onto a computer to chat with her when we were not together and I would find her in these chat rooms with the webcam on for all to see.  Never nude.  Never showing.  For me, that only made it hotter.  Clothes on, not even lingerie, is very hot for me.  Yeah, there has to be some sexiness to the clothing.  With tits like those, even a T-shirt could be sexy, much less a take top showing that gorgeous shoulder and cleavage.

We were supposed to be a couple, monogamous, and from what I know and believe, she did not have sex in the physical world with anyone but me (though I seriously wonder if she had some sex with a girlfriend(s) of hers).  But online sex?  Shoot, I would not be surprised if guys were getting off just seeing her cleavage and gorgeous makeup and thick red hair.  OMG.  Hard nipples protruding through the cotton tanktop material.

I would go mad.  I would say, She was driving me mad.  I would get home and have to have her immediately, if she would let me.

Cuckolding?  More likely, me topping from the bottom, though I did tell her how angry it made me and she never stopped doing it and she did say how much she enjoyed my craziness for her, though she never responded directly when I brought up her online activity.  She just smiled and logged off after I came home.  A few times, I kneeled under the monitor and sucked on her cunt while she chatted, but that was my idea.  She never initiated that.

We ended the relationship for reasons other than sexual.  Sweet.

Safe Sex Toy Materials

Here are a couple of links to discussions about the materials that sex toys, like dildos and vibrators, are made of.

Safety can be overrated and BS because probability and seriousness of toxicity are dramatized, but when it comes to materials that certainly come in contact with portals, such as mucous membranes, into our bodies it might be wise to err on the side of safety.



Happy playing.

(Working on a new story.  Getting feedback from Literotica editors.)

Hells on Earth

The HealthCare Industry

The Legal Industry

The Politics Industry

The Religion Industry

Since the devil, as well as the good stuff, is in the details, these four industries are Hell.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – I guess we have to change this to the Four Horsepeople or Horseriders of the Apocalypse, or maybe the Four Apocalypse Carriers (kinda like Mailman -> Letter Carrier.)

See the book, “On the Edge of Dream: The Women of Celtic Myth and Legend,” by Jennifer Heath for the equivalent of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  For femdom, it is hard to beat (hmmm) some of the stories in the book.

Links October

Since I am back for now, I’ll just keep updating this post with links

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Yuh know, looking at pictures of pugs makes me a lot happier than looking at pics of women, but I guess everything has its place and time.



Lovely GIFs

I’ve kinda been getting into GIFs lately.  Movement, gorgeous, erotic.
Looks like you gotta click it to get the movement


Princess Anna Masturbation


Princess Rene

Princess Rene


Natalie JOI 77

Natalie JOI


Goddess Alexandra Snow 1

Goddess Alexandra Snow



Dacy Masturbatio


cm instruction

cm instruction